Derek’s Bookshelf

Books are wonderful ... But Second hand books are really brilliant.

And with that in mind, I began selling books from my fantastic little stall. This led me to sell books given to me by friends and customers. The idea was kindled out of a need to find something useful to do, with the hope that i might earn a bit of money.

Derek’s Bookshelf was thus created. You can now find me at my stall, selling books at most local community events mainly in and around the Sheffield area. By selling books, I have found plenty to do, however, every thing I earn seems to just cover the cost of replacing battered gazebos and van tyres etc...

Books on my bookshelf cover all subjects. From contemporary fiction to the classics and from psychology to history. However, I especially try to source books that promote positive living and lifestyle, such as healthy cook books, books on growing vegetables and plants, books on meditation and well-being. In short, I try to find books that seem interesting and in good condition, and promote a good message.